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In about three months, we will begin a six-week driving tour which will careen us around the country to 21 cities (including bringing us to Canada for the first time!!). We will be reading from our new book, This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, and talking to parents, family members, community members, and anyone and everyone who thinks that the conversation around coming out to families is important. WHICH MEANS YOU, PROBABLY.

Also!! We are bringing a very talented human along with us: His name is Vivek Shraya, and he authored a book of incredibly moving short stories that follow his coming-out journey in a traditional Indian home, called God Loves Hair.

We cannot wait to see you and your families. Here is where you can find us, and click through to find out more details about your city!!

11/03 • Los Angeles, CA • Skylight Books
11/05 • Salt Lake City, UT • University of Utah
11/07 • Boulder, CO • Boulder Bookstore
11/09 • Iowa City, IO • Prairie Lights Bookstore
11/11 • Minneapolis, MN • Macalester College
11/13 • Chicago, IL • Center on Halsted
11/16 • Columbus, OH • TBA
11/18 • Toronto, CAN • Glad Day Bookshop
11/20 • Montreal, CAN • Concordia University
11/22 • Boston, MA • Brookline Booksmith
11/23 • Long Island, NY • Book Revue
11/23 • New York, NY • Bluestockings Books
12/01 • Richmond, VA • Virginia Commonwealth University
12/02 • Charlotte, NC • Park Road Books
12/04 • Charleston, SC • Circular Congregational Church
12/05 • Atlanta, GA • Charis Books and More
12/07 • Nashville, TN • Parnassus Books
12/08 • Birmingham, AL • U of Alabama at Birmingham
12/09 • New Orleans, LA - Central St. Matthew Church
12/11 • Houston, TX • Zion Lutheran Church
12/12 • Austin, TX • Bookwoman

Bring your friends! Bring your family! Bring your friend’s family! Bring your family friends! Bring your friend’s family friends! Bring the mayor! Who cares, just come out and high five us! 

PS: This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids comes out in ONE WEEK.
Every order placed before 9/9 will be matched with a book donated to a local PFLAG Chapter! You guys. IT’S ALL HAPPENING.

Pug gets scolded by owner and takes it to heart 

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